GAPPS – Game Art Pre-Processing Studio

# Main feature:

Fast appearance preserving simplification of high polygon models as described in the following papers:

  • “Fitting Smooth Surfaces to Dense Polygon Meshes” by Venkat Krishnamurthy and Marc Levoy.
  • “Appearance-Preserving Simplification” by Jonathan Cohen, Marc Olano, and Dinesh Manocha.

# Current features:

  • Fast generation of:
    • Normal Maps in World Space.
    • Displacement Maps.
    • Ambient Occlusion Maps.
  • DLL backend for integration on many platforms in executable or plugin form.
  • Easy and intuitive interface.
  • Smart heuristic for intersection selection.

# Planned features:

  • Dilation filter.
  • Anti-Aliasing.
  • Fixed and floating point output formats.
  • Object and Tangent space normal map output.
  • Compressed normal map output (3Dc, DXT).
  • New optimizations to achieve near realtime normal and displacement map generation.
  • Integrated plugins for 3D Studio Max and Maya.

# Comparison with free tools:

  • nVidia Melody: this is probably the most complete free tool available for appearance preserving generation, although the GUI is far from practical. Was used as a quality and speed reference during the development of Gapps.
  • ATI NormalMapper: Lacks speed and quality.
  • OpenRB: Slow even in hardware. Poor console based GUI.

# Conclusion:

If GAPPS was released with all of the planned features as free software it would be the fastest and most complete free APS tool available.

# Screenshots:


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